09/2015 The value of assets in funds managed and/or administered by AMISTA exceeds CZK 40 billion.
01/2014 More than CZK 21 billion managed in AMISTA IS funds.
01/2014 Private law is subject to new legislation and the Act on Investment Companies and Investment Funds takes full effect (possibility of establishing SICAV, trust funds, etc.).
12/2013 131 qualified investor funds operating in the Czech Republic, 42 at AMISTA IS.
08/2013 Brand-new legislation governing alternative funds in the Czech Republic in compliance with the single AIFMD European regulation.
06/2012 CZK 50 billion invested in qualified investor funds in the Czech Republic, CZK 14 billion invested with AMISTA IS.
07/2011 CZK 10 billion managed in AMISTA IS funds.
12/2009 Assets managed by AMISTA IS reache CZK 1 billion.
07/2009 Amendment to the Collective Investment Act, easing certain conditions for establishing and managing qualified investor funds.
02/2009 The first 10 managed funds of AMISTA IS.
09/2007 The first non-banking investment fund for private investors: Harmonie uzavřený investiční fond, a.s.
01/2007 The first qualified investor fund in the Czech Republic: Open-end mutual fund AMISTA GARANCIA, AMISTA investiční společnost, a.s.
09/2006 Licence for AMISTA IS to operate under the Czech National Bank’s Decision reference number 41/N/69/2006/9.
05/2006 Amendment to the Collective Investment Act, allowing qualified investor funds to be created and operated in the Czech Republic.

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