Ondrej Horak

Ing. Ondřej Horák

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director 

Education: Masaryk University, Brno
Ondřej Horák has been engaged in the area of investments and administration of qualified investor funds since 2007; he has worked in the field of management and trade since 2001. In the position of Managing Director, he is responsible for comprehensive management of the company. In the past, he managed business activities and was responsible for product development and customer care.

Petr Janousek

Ing. Petr Janoušek

Member of the Board of Directors, Financial Director 

Education: Brno University of Technology
Petr Janoušek is incharge of financial planning of the company. Previously, he occupied leading positions in companies engaged in the investment business and developing information systems.

Pavel Bareš

Mgr. Pavel Bareš

Member of the Board of Directors

Education: Masaryk University in Brno
Pavel Bareš has been practising law since 2001 and his long-term specialisation is complex legal provision of investments and acquisitions, including solutions of real estate agenda and developer projects.

Vit Vareka

Ing. Vít Vařeka

Chairman of the Supervisory Board 

Education: University of Economics, Prague, Frostburg State University, Maryland, USA
Vít Vařeka has long-term experience in collective investment, portfolio management and trading securities. In 2006 he established and managed the investment company, AMISTA, for the next eight years, and under his management the company became the most prominent domestic investment company specialising in the management of funds designed for experienced investors. He has been on AMISTA’s supervisory board since May 2016.

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