Our experience of establishing qualified investor funds dates back to 2006 and we have already established 60 such funds as of today.

Our objective is to provide a hassle-free investment platform, suitable for carrying out a relevant investment project according to needs identified in advance, with a minimum burden on the founder.

We carry out the fund establishment process in several variants, depending on the particular project:

  1. establishing a self-managed fund;,
  2. establishing a managed fund;
  3. purchase of a ready-made.

Establishing a Self-managed Fund

Creating a self-managed fund with a legal personality requires a licence from the Czech National Bank, which we will obtain as part of our service, as well as take the other steps required:

  • coordinating all activities, including specialist consultancy;
  • cooperation in establishing the legal entity of the arising fund;
  • cooperation in setting up the organisational structure, the management and control system of the fund;
  • preparing complete documentation for the CNB’s licensing procedure;
  • representing the founder in administrative proceedings;
  • adding the investment vehicle to the investor’s ownership structure.

Self-managed funds can benefit from our comprehensive service of administration or carrying out certain selected activities.

Establishing a Managed Fund

We establish managed mutual funds and funds with a legal personality with regard to the oncoming investment profile of the fund and of the future investors - the intermediate steps are similar to those for self-managed funds. As follow-up activities, we manage and administer the fund, as well as serve as its statutory body.

Purchase of a ready-made

We establish ready-for-use funds, designed to be transferred to qualified investors and subsequently used for investment. We subsequently serve as managers or administrators in these funds.

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