We work with a wide range of clients and our priority is always to find a fully individualised solution that will meet the needs of specific investment projects, type of investor and the objectives of the project concerned.

With our experience, we can provide our potential clients with professional assistance in structuring their investment projects properly even in the early stages of our dealings with them. We continually use our experience to optimise the operation of existing funds.

As part of our efforts to structure investment activities, we provide a comprehensive service, including a professional set-up of the investment platform, along with legal, tax and expertise services, reflecting the specificities of the investment fund environment.

Based on our analysis, we recommend the most appropriate structure, taking the following into account:

  • definition of the investment objective and strategy;
  • definition of investors’ objectives;
  • definition of investment assets;
  • definition of the specificities of different types of funds;
  • definition of the time horizon.

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