The qualified investment fund operation is subject to an extensive legal regulation and our objective is to ensure the agreed extent of services to satisfy investors while observing all regulations and due diligence.





The fund management is an activity focussing on the professional management of investments and risks and the fulfilment of other obligations arising from the activities of a fund as a regulated entity.

We manage 49 qualified investor funds.
Assets of funds managed by us exceed CZK 29 billion.

Management of funds

The fund management means the management of investments within the determined investment policy including the management of risks connected with such investment. Within this role we also perform activities falling to the powers of a statutory body, everything fully in the interest of the fund’s investors. The manager’s agenda also includes the issue of the fund status, the fulfilment of information duties and other activities.

Outsourcing of services

A specific regime of the relationship between an independent fund and our company is formed by outsourcing of selected obligations of the fund in the AMISTA IS.

This service is suitable for clients having available their own, sufficient extensive, experienced and professional administrative and investment background that is able to ensure internally crucial obligations related to the functioning of an investment fund or an investment company and takes services from our company based on its specific needs to achieve higher effectiveness while utilizing our specialization and know-how.