A qualified investor fund is a Czech investment platform, intended for experienced and professional investors, similar to Luxembourgian SIF (Specialised Investment Fund).

A Few Facts about Qualified Investor Funds (QIFs)

Qualified investor funds are part of the group of alternative funds and are noted for their high flexibility in investment structuring (a choice of an investment vehicle and investment assets) and in the fund management rules.

A qualified investor fund can be tailored to the relevant type of investment projects and the specific characteristics of its investors.

Experienced service providers (investment companies, depositaries, consultants and auditors, etc.) can be used in the Czech Republic.

Key Features

A qualified investor fund:

  • is intended for qualified (experienced, professional) investors, both institutional and private;
  • is used for any investment strategy and focus and their combinations;
  • can be established in various forms;
  • can be established as a single entity or a structure with sub-funds;
  • can be offered publicly;
  • is a regulated investment structure, subject to the European AIFM Directive;
  • can use debt resources in funding investment projects.

Possible Use

The investment focus and strategy of qualified investor funds are not restricted and can be set up in a diverse manner. The funds can invest in various asset classes and their combinations, such as:

  • securities (stock, bond, etc.);
  • commodities;
  • real estate;
  • money market instruments;
  • derivatives;
  • various other investment assets.

The funds can also be focused on:

  • private equity and venture capital investments;
  • unconventional investment assets, such as works of art or investment wines.