Trigema Investment, an investment fund with variable registered capital – Podfond Alfa 

Trigema Investment is a qualified investor fund focused on investments in real estate projects.

The Trigema Investment Fund is managed by a company which acquires financial means from the subscription for shares purchased by individual investors. The Fund is managed by leaders whose knowledge, experience and working and managerial skills have already been tested by more than 20 years of free business activities in the Czech Republic.

Podfond Alfa is a qualified investor fund focused on investments in shares and ownership interests in companies implementing residential real estate projects on the territory of the capital city of Prague.

The Fund offers an ideal solution for investors who are interested in residential projects. In the first period the Fund will invest assets to shares and ownership interests of two or three companies which will implement residential developer projects.

The position of a specialized advisor of the Fund is held by an experienced managerial team composed by specialists in real estate projects who manage the entire project.

  • Expected yield for investors: 5 – 8% p.a.
  • Investment horizon: 2 years and more
  • Minimum investment: from CZK 1 million

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