We will set up a fund reflecting your investment expectations

Fund formation
We will listen to you to understand your needs and expectations. We will then make all the necessary arrangements.
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  • we will propose a suitable legal platform for investing
  • we will set up the organisational structure and formally establish the fund
  • we will recommend and set up cooperation with suitable external partners
  • we will help to raise capital by proposing a suitable distribution scheme
  • we will prepare a dossier of incorporation documents in line with statutory requirements
  • we will secure the supervisory authority’s approval

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What funds we organise

There are various forms your fund may take. The fund type is also a factor determining  how much cooperation we provide.

Leave it to us to sort out the necessary permit from the Czech National Bank and handle other obligations. We will get this done within weeks.
  • we will take care of all legal and tax activities, including professional advice
  • we will make sure a suitable legal entity is established
  • together, we will set up the organisational structure and the system for the management and control of the fund
  • we will submit an application for the fund to be registered with the CNB
  • we will add the investments of your choice to the portfolio
Following the establishment of the fund, we will be responsible for its management and administration. We will play the role of the fund’s governing body.
Self-managed funds work in much the same way as a managed fund, except our level of involvement (and responsibility) is lower. In this case, our investment company is not the governing body. Instead, the fund is managed by your nominated representatives.

We will draw up complete documentation for the CNB’s licensing procedure. We can also see to the management and other professional agendas of a self-managed fund. We will make preparations for all or part of the self-managed fund. The scope of cooperation is up to you.

We set up ready-made funds that are intended for further investment by qualified investors. For example, they can be used to consolidate your existing asset portfolio. In ready-made funds, we play the role of manager and administrator.

have to say successful investors about working with us

Ing. Václav Podzimek

Ing. Václav Podzimek

Before setting up our Alethes investment fund, I thought long and hard which investment company to choose. Ultimately, I plumped for AMISTA IS because of its great reputation, the number of funds under its management, and its long history on the Czech market. Now, after more than three years of working together, I have had no regrets at all. AMISTA IS is an industry-leading company with a high-quality team of experts who help us to fully realise the vision we have outlined for our fund. Since teaming up, I have built up a great deal of trust in Amista and its employees. I am reaping the benefits of that whenever I have questions or problems to solve.

Alethes investiční fond SICAV, a.s.
Ing. Jaromír Beneš

Ing. Jaromír Beneš

We chose Amista because of its many years’ involvement with other mutual funds. This has resulted in long-term cooperation based on trust. We can rely on its services because they are rooted in years of experience of the Czech investment landscape.

IMPERA premium otevřený podílový fond

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