We monitor the fund’s performance closely

Fund management
As fund managers, we protect investor’s interests and ensure that the fund meets legal requirements. We continuously assess all investment and operational risks that could be detrimental to the resources that investors have invested. In this activity, we work closely with the fund’s representatives or consultant.
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  • we carry out the duties of a governing body
  • we maintain a robust risk management system at fund level
  • we assess the investment transactions proposed for the fund to ensure that they are economically viable
  • we carefully monitor how the investment portfolio is developing
  • when we manage funds, we also act as their administrator

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Ing. Lenka Laníková

Ing. Lenka Laníková

Amista was recommended to us by our financing company, Komerční banka, other qualified investor fund owners, and future investment shareholders. We agreed to work together at the first introductory meeting. There were teething problems because PH IFPZK is hardly a common-or-garden QIF. It only invests in healthcare and often establishes its companies as a sole shareholder, which involves a lot of paperwork. Most of these tasks were taken over by Amista, often with only general explanations. Over time, we have learn to communicate effectively. Now everything runs smoothly, with no disruption.

Potysz health, investiční fond s proměnným základním kapitálem, a.s.
Adam Kočík, Managing Director

Adam Kočík, Managing Director

When it came to building our second venture capital fund, AMISTA was our first choice. We particularly appreciate its many years’ experience in the field of qualified investor funds and the ever-reliable professional team.

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