Our funds are built to suit your investment needs

Fund services
  • we formed our first fund in 2007
  • the vast majority of the funds we brought to life are still with us
  • we have implemented more then 100 fund projects
  • for us, every project is a unique prospect that we prepare on a turnkey basis
  • we are part of the J&T group and so we provide the widest range of services for FKI on the market
Look after the important aspects of your business. Leave the complex fund-related administrative and regulatory processes to us. We’ve been doing this since 2006.

Investment fund structuring


We will propose a fund structure and strategy fully optimised to your needs.

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Fund formation


In response to your specific plans, we will establish a fund on a suitable investment platform.

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Fund administration


We will deal with all the day-to-day administration associated with the operation of the fund.

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Fondové služby - administrace fondů

Fund management


We will manage your investments and your fund in line with the investment policy you have set.

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Fondové služby - obhospodařování fondů

Related fund services


As part of the J&T group, we provide a depository service, mediate deals on capital markets and more.

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We will provide you with the expertise to control and grow your investments.

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billion crowns assets in funds and sub-funds


funds and sub-funds to whom we provide services


experts for funds under one roof

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