MaeG Investment SICAV a.s., Industry sub-fund

The Industry sub-fund is intended for those investors who prefer traditional industries, especially the manufacturing segment. The sub-fund primarily focuses on companies operating in traditional industries that have a proven track record and business story. The companies under consideration have built up a customer portfolio and operate on a reasonably stable market that is not undergoing dramatic changes.

The Industry sub-fund invests exclusively in companies to which it can pass on a clear benefit that will increase the value of the investment. The value is increased by developing the business potential of the company that the sub-fund is investing in, optimising internal processes, reducing costs and making better use of internal resources.



  • Target return
    10 – 20 % p.a.
  • Fund focus
    investment in medium-sized companies operating in traditional indrustries
  • Currency
  • Front-end load
    0 – 3 % 
  • Management fee
    2 % 
  • Back-end load
    30 % within 5 years of the original investment
    0 % more than 5 years after the original investment
    5 % of  the value of the investment if the client has held fund shares for a period of less than 3 years
    0 % if the client has held fund shares for a period of at least 3 years
  • Investment horizon
    5 years
  • Fund type
    qualified investor fund
  • Minimum investment
    CZK 1 000 000
  • Valution frequency
  • Carried interest
    20 % of  the total annual appreciation of the sub-fund’s fund capital exceeding three times the average inflation in the given year

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