Silverline Real Estate, podfond Silverline Fund SICAV a.s.

Silverline Real Estate is an international investment fund that develops residential real estate. The fund's goal is to continuously identify and realize the most profitable development projects – primarily in the Czech Republic, but also in other fast-growing countries in the CEE region or in the USA. The fund focuses on projects with shorter cycles (2-3 years) in three segments with high market liquidity:

  1. Greenfield development in proximity to large cities with population inflow
  2. Apartment buildings renovations and add-ons in major cities
  3. Leisure apartment developments in prime resorts

The fund manages development projects in-house, which enables it to realize margin of both financial institution and developer, and therefore offer above-standard returns to investors. The fund does not speculate on the future appreciation of the property when selecting investment projects; the primary focus is on creating added value within the projects.

The fund's activities also lead to solving one of the most pressing problems in the Czech Republic and other countries: the lack of residential real estate, especially in locations with a strong influx of residents (e.g. Prague and the Central Bohemian Region).

  • Target return
    investment stock class A 10 % p.a.
    investment stock class B 11 - 12 % p.a.
  • Fond focus
    development in the Czech Republic, selected EU countries in the CEE region and North America
  • Currency
  • Front-end load
    0 - 5 % 
  • Management fee
    1,6 % p.a.
    Management fee 1.6% is charged on the gross return of the fund before distribution to investors and does not reduce the preferred return for investors
  • Back-end load
    0 % after 3 years
  • Investment horizont
    5 years
  • Fund type
    qualified investor fund
  • Minimum investment
    1 000 000 CZK
  • Valution frequency
  • Carried interest
    100 % of the fund's return excess of 10 % for investment stock class A
    50 % of the fund's return excess of 7 % for investment stock class B



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