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The owner and operator of the amista.cz website(„the Website“) is AMISTA investiční společnost, a.s., which, under Act No 121/2000, the Copyright Act, is authorised to exercise rights of ownership attached to  this Website (“the Operator”).

The Operator holds all copyright to the content placed by the Operator on the amista.cz Website, including text, design, technical sketches, graphics, any and all images on the Website, and the selection and  arrangement of files contained on the Website.

The rights and obligations of the Operator and users when using this Website are governed by these terms and conditions of use (“the Terms of Use”), which apply to all persons who visit this Website (“Users”). The User expresses agreement with these Terms of Use by accessing any of the pages on the Operator’s Website or by using, in any way, any information posted on the Operator’s Website.


The Operator uses cookies within the meaning of Section 89 of Act No 127/2005 on electronic communications so that the Website works correctly.

Cookies are small text files created by a web server and stored on the hard disk of the User’s computer. Cookies enable the Website to remember important information that will make it easier for the User to continue using it. Based on anonymous data objects, for example, the Operator tracks the total number of visitors to the Website in order to facilitate the registration of new services and to protect your data. Cookies are not computer programs and cannot be used to spread computer viruses.

The Operator uses the following cookies on its Website:

Analytics cookies – these track the User’s movement on the Operator’s Website and are subsequently used to offer or display advertisements that may be of relevance to the User;

Technical cookies - these are necessary short-term cookies used for the proper operation of the Website’s functional elements. They enable you, for example, to search and browse the web interface, play videos or enter secure areas of the Operator’s Website.

The tools we use to analyse dat

On the Operator’s Website, Google Analytics tools operated by Google Inc. are used to analyse data in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
 Name Type 
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 cc_cookie  Technical
 PHPSESSID  Technical
 js,klient_id, styles-loaded,this visit   Technical

How to disable cookies

Users who do not wish the Operator to store and analyse information about their visit may disable cookies for future visits. For this purpose, cookies containing this information are set in the User’s browser. Cookies are stored in the User’s browser. If Users wish to disable them for all sites, it is necessary to adjust the settings of Cookies already stored in the device. They can then be deleted at any time. The specific procedure for the most commonly used web browsers can be found here:
Users who do not want Google cookies to be stored on their device can download a plugin, such as this one plugin.
Do you have questions about cookies? Write to us at gdpr@amista.cz
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Links to other sites

The amista.cz Website contains links to sites over which the Operators have no control. Users visiting any of these sites should familiarise themselves with their privacy policy. The Operator is not responsible for the methods and policies of other companies.

User behaviour

When using this Website, Users must not interfere with its security. They must not use this site to transmit malware and try to penetrate areas of this site that are inaccessible to the public. Users are also obliged to respect the Operator’s copyright to this Website.

Liability and jurisdiction

Any risks arising from Users’ use of this Website rest entirely with the User and the Operator does not bear any liability for such risks. Any disputes arising in connection with the use of the Website will be heard by a court with territorial jurisdiction in the Czech Republic and in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic.

Any provisions of these Terms that become unenforceable for any reason will be treated as severable from the remaining provisions and will not affect their validity and enforceability.

Accessibility statement

The website operator declares that this website strives to make the content and all functions as accessible as possible for all internet user.

The content of the presentation is created using HTML, PHP5, MySql. The visuals of the presentation are created using CSS.

The site has been designed for Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 30, and other standards-compliant browsers. We do not guarantee that the site will be displayed properly in non-standard browsers.

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