Corporate information

 Company name  AMISTA investiční společnost, a. s.
 Registered office   Pobřežní 620/3, Praha 8, PSČ 186 00, Czech Republic
 Registration number  27437558
 Operating permit  CNB Decision 41/N/69/2006/9 of 20 September 2006
 Registered capital  CZK 9.000.000; paid-up 100 % 
 Auditor  A&CE Audit, s. r. o.
 Commercial Register   Certificate of  Incorporation as at  1 February 2021(pdf)a>
 Data box  eidcr2f
 Association memberships  AKAT ČR Czech Institute of Internal Auditors  
AMISTA IS does not have an audit committee. The role of audit committee is played by the supervisory board.
The activities of AMISTA IS are governed by Act No 240/2013  on investment companies and investment funds, effective as of 19 August 2013, as amended, and other legislation.
AMISTA investiční společnost, a.s.’s service company is AMISTA consulting, s.r.o..