Legislation and information sources

Many legal rules and regulations need to be respected in the establishment and operation of qualified investor funds. The most important regulations are listed below.


European regulation

A uniform European regulatory system for alternative funds is established by the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD).(Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive, AIFMD).

This Directive applies to all platforms intended for the pooling and investment of capital that are not covered by the UCITS Directive, a piece of legislation regulating standard funds for the public.

Under the AIFMD, fund managers can use a European passport to operate across all EU Member States.

A lighter regime is available to managers whose funds do not exceed EUR 100 million (or EUR 500 million if they do not use leverage and do not guarantee the redemption of shares within five years). The funds of these below-the-threshold managers are subject to the “national” regime applicable in the Czech Republic, which is very similar to the full regulatory regime under the AIFMD.

Czech regulations

Czech law regulates investment funds under Act No 240/2013, on investment companies and investment funds, which took effect on 19 August 2013, and other legal regulations, including:

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