How to manage a QIF

The key entities looking after a QIF are the manager, the administrator, and the depositary. The fund’s optionally adjustable parameters are taken into account in their practical activities.

Organisation of fund management

Organisation of fund management

Fund manager

The manager manages the fund’s investments and risks in pursuit of the investment strategy. The manager seeks out potential investment opportunities, selects the best ones and  decides whether to move forward with them.



Takes care of the fund’s assets and carries out related checks, focusing in particular on the registration and verification of financial transactions, the issuance and redemption of securities, and the valuation of securities. 

Fund administrator

Provides services necessary for the fund’s proper operation, in particular the issuance and redemption of securities, the keeping of the fund’s accounts, the valuation of the fund’s assets and securities, and periodic reporting to investors and other designated entities.


An entity that has made the business decision to establish a fund, and whose name the fund is to bear. The promoter sets the fund’s investment strategy and appoints a manager, administrator and depositary to manage it.

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