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9. srpna 2021

AMISTA and J&T BANKA establish strategic partnership

Prague, 9 August 2021 – AMISTA, the largest Czech manager and administrator of qualified investor funds, and J&T BANKA have entered into a strategic partnership to offer investors the broadest portfolio of services in the field of qualified investor funds (QIFs) in the Czech Republic. The partnership is also reflected in the investment company’s shareholder structure, with J&T BANKA having taken over a 9.9% stake previously held by founder Vít Vařeka. The director of AMISTA, Ondřej Horák, and two other managers, Petr Janoušek and Pavel Bareš, are also joining the ranks of shareholders. This major change in the shareholder structure reflects not only synergy with J&T Group, but also continuity, as represented by the existing management. AMISTA’s founder, Vít Vařeka, remains a minority co-owner.

“I am very excited to be able to make the announcement today that a partner as prestigious as J&T BANKA is investing in our company. This new partnership will enable AMISTA to focus even more intensively on its goal of providing investors on the Czech market with the very best services in the management of qualified investor funds,” said Vít Vařeka, founder of AMISTA, adding: “I am also delighted that a co-ownership role is to be played by managers who have brought tremendous energy and know-how to the company over its fifteen years of operation and, in doing so, have underpinned its success.”

 Ondřej Horák, AMISTA’s CEO and board chairman, is also looking forward to the new partnership and challenges. Building on the company founder’s statement, he noted: “I am looking forward to a new stage in the life of our company. The popularity of qualified investor funds is steadily growing, as evidenced by the fact that the volume of investments has doubled over the last five years. Together, we want to move this segment forward to the complete satisfaction of even the most exacting of clients,” rounded off Ondřej Horák.  

The partnership is keen to offer the market tailor-made services for such demanding clients. It believes that the two companies, by teaming up together, will result in particular in an expanded portfolio of services for current and future investors in AMISTA funds.

“Private individuals are channelling an increasing proportion of their financial wealth into investments. Unlike more conventional funds, qualified investor funds do not have limited investment options. This means that clients can invest in more complex financial products and strategies and participate in investments in businesses, real estate or a wide range of other investment assets. We believe that, as interest in investment grows among private clients, more specialised QIFs will be created. AMISTA, as an independent administrator, has a strong team and many years’ experience of setting up and running qualified investor funds, making it well positioned to offer ideal facilities for emerging QIFs. We are confident that this partnership also unlocks new opportunities for QIF founders to promote themselves, raise capital and finance investments ,” said Štěpán Ašer, J&T BANKA CEO and board member.